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About Us

We have gone through so much for almost a century, browse through our history, know us more.


We Are The Great St. Josephs

Since 1883, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny have worked in The Gambia with devotion and dedication in the fields of Education, Nursing and other social work for the promotion of the full development of the Gambian people. St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School (previously St. Joseph’s High School) was established in 1921 as a Roman Catholic Mission School for Girls by the Congregation with an initial enrolment of forty-four students headed by Mrs. Nellie Morris who handed over to Sr. Celeste Wall in 1923. The school’s policy was to instil self discipline, inculcate moral values and to provide a model education for its students, Christians and Muslims alike; with basic reading, writing, arithmetic, music (introduced in 1926), home economics skills with a great emphasis on religious education. The Cluny Sisters at the time believed that education provided skills for girls to become good home managers and disciplined citizens within their communities. On the 10th of April 1940, Sr. Jarlath Hoade took over the mantle, the only principal to head both the secondary and primary schools concurrently.

Code of Conduct

The realization of these are what makes us proud Josephina's.


“To make St. Joseph's a Model School in The Gambia through the gates of St. Joseph's will, at the end of their three years education, be employable citizens of The Gambia, either employed or self-employed, and who would be financially independent to be able to take care of themselves, their families, and the community at large.“

Mission Statement

“To send out at the end of their schooling, educated, loyal, morally adn religiously strong and talented young women who would serve their nation with pride.“

Head Of Departments

We have had numberous challenges but our Head Departments are always on-guard.